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// ABOUT ME //



New York based Director of Photography
Raw, Honest Emotion in Every Frame


Yaniv was born in Jerusalem and raised in Israel and the USA. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

He is an alumnus of Minshar Film and Art College in Tel Aviv where he studied cinematography, directing and post production.

Yaniv worked as Director of Photography on five short films, some of which went on to festivals around the world. 

As part of his work as freelance Cinematographer, Yaniv was one of the founding members of SNIFFF.TV, an alternative TV and content production company. Yaniv successfully shaped the company’s visual style, with collaborations in mini-documentaries, web series, music videos and live broadcast productions.


Yaniv has professional experience in all camera crew positions, has worked in rental houses and cine equipment sales, representing 

companies like Dedolight, Atomos and Zakuto in Tel Aviv. He served as camera operator for various clients (Variety, ShutterStock, Arte and many more) at the Cannes Film Festival since 2012. 

He is currently working on various projects in New York and always welcomes the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on new projects.

Multiple camera packages available. 
Commercial / Music Video / Narrative / Doco

Multilingual and Multicultural Point of View 
Hit me up! Let's see what I can add to your production! 


- I strive to find the most honest point of view in telling a story. Scripted or documentary, event or commercial:

emotion is above all. 

I'm intrigued by the obscure and unsung, the radical and underground and I bring a visual style that lives up to that. - 

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